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Cancellation Policy

QAH-Certification Programs, Webinars and Classes

QAH-Certification Programs/ Webinars/ Classes Policy: 5 -10
business days before the workshop, Quantum Angel Healing
Certification Program 1/2 is refundable, 0-4 business days before
the workshop, QAH-CP or Private Session or a no show is non

All classes, once booked by Client will not be refunded under any
circumstances once the classes have begun and the Client has
engaged in at least one class. Each party (client or student)
agrees to hold the Teachers copyright and confidential information
confidential for life, following the date of disclosure, unless
there is a request to use certain portions of the work in an
interview or article and the request has been granted in writing
by the Teacher or in this case anyone represented by Amora
Creations LLC

PRIVATE SESSIONS: All private sessions once booked may be
postponed only, within a 24 hour period of time. Once a private
session is complete, no refunds will be issued. All sessions must
be paid for at time of booking appointment.

If for any reason, the Seller cannot perform the duties as
promised for the private session, due to personal reasons a refund
will be issued.

This does not include technology issues, interferences, or client
unable to follow through with appointment, unless otherwise
notified that a postponement is necessary.


All travel, seminars or gatherings created by Amora Creations LLC
once purchased by Client will not be refunded unless there is
circumstance beyond Clients control due to death or documented
illness or the inability for Seller to perform travel due to
death, illness, acts of God, or any inability to travel at the
time therefore specified. Seller reserves the right to change
dates and times of original Travel, Seminar or Gathering. If this
is not in accordance with Sellers plans, a refund will be given
within 10 business days.