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Radio Interview with Eva-Maria Mora

On May 25th, Eva-Maria Mora was interviewed by DOUG LLEWELYN who is one of the nation’s most experienced TV producers and business news reporters. A former news correspondent and magazine series host for the CBS affiliates in Washington and Los Angeles, he co-created the Video Press Kit promotional concept for the motion picture industry and corporate sponsors. Doug traveled the world reporting and directing news stories and documentaries on corporations such as Apple Computer, MacDonald’s, Hallmark, The Universal Studios Tour, The California Department of Tourism, and The Shriners Hospitals as well as over 200 major Hollywood feature films.

You can enjoy the recording here

Webinars - online events: CRC-7 day recoding program

You can participate in the CRC-7 day recoding program easily and comfortabily from home via internet. Eva-Maria Mora also includes an interactive daily communication between herself and her participants offering a members-only website. You can post questions any time and send feedback, you have support from the whole group.

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